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Why Choose Avalon?

Avalon by the Sea was not designed, built and furnished to be a mediocre rental property far from the beach.

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Allthough it passed quite a long time since our stay on the wonderful island of Bequia in the lovely "Avalon By the Sea", we are still dreaming of the beautiful time we have spent there.The Avalon, which in our opinion is the nicest and most convenient spot on the island; very nice and clean, beautiful garden, just a few steps to the beach and still a great view over the Lower Bay.

We were absolutely lucky to choose the Easter weekend with the regatta going on and also having the possibility to mingle with the locals during the weekend along the beach and enjoying the company and fun over some drinks with the local people.


22 Jul 2009, FlipKey Reviewer

At Avalon-by-the-Sea, you have both total access and privacy. You can throw on your bathing suit and step across the road for a swim and some sun on the best beach on the island, or wander a minute or two up the road to Nando's, Mangoes or De Reef for a great local meal. Yet, the house is also situated well back from the road behind a lush garden full of birds and wrapped in a deep veranda on which you can lie and read a book or just gaze out at the blue waters of the Caribbean. The apartment has everything you need to provide total comfort. The Coleman's have truly created the perfect home away from home. We've stayed there twice and are on our way back for a third visit!

2 Jan 2011, Linda & Family


I can't help but spill the beans about the paradise that is Bequia every chance I get, even though a large part of me wants to keep it a secret! Jim Coleman has captured the essence of this incredible island, carving out a small niche where anyone else is welcome to discover it for themselves. I have found that on almost every holiday I have taken, the hotel or cottage I stay in seems to be out of place - as if when it's time to go back to the room, I am transported back to a familiar American environment.  Avalon by the Sea is quite the opposite:  it is a part of the experience that will immerses you in the energy of the island. We stayed in the lower half of the house and it truly became our home away from home in that short week. The garden surrounding the house is stunning, and is more like a small jungle than a garden, offering almost complete privacy. Every morning we ate breakfast on the porch and walked down to the beach. You have two options for the beach: Lower Bay Beach or Princess Margaret, both less than a few minutes walk. Princess Margaret beach became our favorite, and almost every day, we had the entire length of the beach to ourselves until late afternoon. White, soft sand and crystal blue Caribbean water with just a little extra salt so that you can float for hours. Did I mention this is paradise? Next door to the Villa, you can buy veggies, fruit, and best of all, fresh-made pesto straight out of the back yard garden. I recommend getting some lobster pizza and topping it with that pesto... best Thanksgiving meal I ever had!!! Also, I will never forget the dining experience at Fernando's, just up the road from the Villa. The restaurant is almost like a treehouse, nestled up the hill in very dense foliage. Fernando will serve you what he caught that morning, with the freshness and appreciation for nature that a true fisherman has, and chef skills that rival Cathal Armstrong. We had Uncle Bill give us a tour of the island. It is small, but breathtakingly beautiful and full of history and ongoing conservation efforts. Almost all of the wonderful experiences we had in Bequia were arranged by Jim, who knows the island so well that I would listen to all of his recommendations. He was so helpful and we had the most unforgettable experience in Avalon by the Sea. I can't wait to go back!

12 Feb 2012,  Laura H.